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Here is where you may create a character.

Please just fill out the fields below and post it in a comment to this post. When you get Mod comfirmation to proceed with creating your character then comment again with the journal name of your character.

A few creation rules:

1. Please remember we are trying to be somewhat in line with what Anne McCaffrey wrote. ie there are no purple or silver sparkled dragons and girls do not impress browns or bronzes, same with boys impressing golds.

2. Flaws are your friend. No one is perfect and in a RPG they are welcomed!

3. You may have up to 6 characters, of which sadly only three may be female dragonriders. The reason for this is simple, there are simply not many women riders.

4. Only one of your characters may be of exceptional rank. This iss so the one person does not play the Weyrleaders of Ista, Igen and Telgar all at once. Share people.

5. Characters will die. It is sadly inevitable that players will want to discard characters. Fortunately with Thread about to fall, we have reasons.

Okay so here are the fields:

Your name (just your first name):

Your Characters Name:
Your Characters Age:
Your Characters Sex:
Physical Description:
Backstory (this can be added to as the game progresses):

If you wish for a character to be a dragonrider:
Candidates Preferences (eg:blue, gold etc):

Craft information (if applicable)
Where posted or studying:

Holding Information (if applicable)
Beholden Weyr and Hold:

Comment and Enjoy playing guys.
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